An Inspirational Video

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Last July, contestants Ade and Melissa on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance? told a story during their time on stage. Their dance that night symbolized the struggle women face against breast cancer. Choreographer Tyce Diorio thought of the idea to support his childhood friend who was battling breast cancer at the time. It’s a powerful, beautiful dance that they performed on The Ellen Show soon after. The video is below.

Nearly 200,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, the most recent year this statistic is available. Mammograms are essential in early detection and the battle against the disease. To take action, request an appointment at the Center for Women’s Health today.

[Yahoo! TV] A Tribute to Breast Cancer Fighters
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An Interview with Marybeth Antone

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nama symposiumAt the end of March, Marybeth Antone spoke at NAMA’s Excellence in Women’s Healthcare Symposium in San Diego. Marybeth is the Administrative Director for Imaging and Cardiology Services at Silver Cross Hospital. We recently caught up with her and talked to her about her work here and her SoCal experience.

Q: What does a typical work day entail for you at Silver Cross?

A: Well, my “typical” day may not sound all that exciting, but I do get to do a little bit of a lot of different things throughout the course of the day, and my favorite activity is spending time with people.  Not unlike other management folks, I spend a considerable amount of my day in various meetings as the administrative representative for my areas of responsibility- Cardiology and Diagnostic Imaging.  This includes discussions related to clinical care, customer service and multidisciplinary operational issues.  When not in meetings I round in my areas to be visible to front line staff.  We engage in conversations so I can get a feel for what their issues are and how I can positively influence their work environment so they are satisfied and proud to be employees of Silver Cross Hospital.  I most definitely eat lunch (most often at my desk) and do computer work, getting meeting agendas ready and analyzing data that helps me and my department managers to effectively manage our book of business.  I do try to take a brisk walk after lunch when the weather is warmer and catch some fresh air and sunshine, and I do take an “outside” path as often as possible to my meetings in other departments on campus!!  I generally stay late a couple nights a week to catch up, usually when my day was packed with meetings.

Q: How long have you been on staff?

A: I’ve been with Silver Cross for 6 and a half years already- seems like just yesterday I started!!

Q: You spoke at NAMA’s Excellence in Healthcare symposium on March 30. Why were you and the Center for Women’s Health approached to do this?

A: Apparently the conference organizers read about our facility in the local press and found our story a compelling one!  Our marketing and communications folks did a great job of informing the general public about how our center would be a different environment than they have experienced coming to the hospital for mammo services and how having a dedicated outpatient facility would enhance our ability to provide care efficiently and with the level of care and compassion one can expect from Silver Cross.

Q: Your speech centered around the new Center for Women’s Health, digital mammography, and how to get word out about the Center. What were some of your key talking points that you used to illuminate these topics?

A: It was so much fun to share our story with professional colleagues from all around the country!  I must say they were impressed with our planning process and how we centered the delivery of our services around the lifestyle of the contemporary woman- that is, to provide convenience and access in a comfortable environment with highly competent clinical staff.  I shared with them how we planned for the Center, the teamwork we engaged in to make it happen and some of the fun things we’ve done to “get the word out” about it.  Interestingly, our I Matter program was very intriguing to the group.  Because we were there to learn about how to make women’s services relevant, the fact that Silver Cross has been able to “link” personal health to shopping was very impressive.  I’ve received numerous follow up emails from attendees who’ve asked for more details on how we made it happen and even if we’d be willing to allow them to duplicate the program at their facilities.  It’s nice to know we have a unique idea, and it’s even better to realize it’s enticed some women in our community to receive their health screening who might not otherwise.

Q: What did you take away from the symposium? 

A: The keynote speaker said it very well- women make the healthcare decisions for the most part and if satisfied with service will likely influence a great number of people through referrals.  She called them the “Chief Purchasing Officer”- I loved it!!  In any case, everyone has choices today about where to receive their care.  If we place value on people’s time, and provide efficient, quality care we all come out ahead.  Focusing on doing it “right” means respecting what women say they want- ask for feedback and really listen to your customer.  Women’s health is a growing “market” and those of us who are in the business of delivering care to women need to constantly be thinking about how to truly “wow” these potential patients and gain their trust and loyalty.

Q: How’s the weather in San Diego? I’ve heard it’s better than Chicago. This can’t possibly be true. 

A: Believe it or not, the week of the symposium it was warmer in Chicago than San Diego!  I also missed the earthquake by 2 days- thank goodness, that would have freaked me out J!!

Tinley Park Woman on the Go After Weight Loss Surgery

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gastric band system

“Over the years, I tried every diet imaginable, but I always gained the weight back,” said 54-year old Robin Mathieu, a Tinley Park resident. “Then one day when I was standing on my scale, I hit a wall when it read that I was 250 pounds. Feeling frustrated from not being able to lose weight, I thought maybe weight loss surgery was the best option for me. I attended a weight loss surgery informational seminar at Silver Cross Hospital to see if I was a candidate.” Fortunately, Mathieu’s health has greatly improved since her REALIZE gastric band system weight loss surgery at Silver Cross Hospital in May 2008.

Prior to her surgery, Mathieu had high blood pressure and knee problems. “Now I’m not taking any blood pressure medications and my knee pain is gone. I can even exercise daily on the treadmill and have incorporated weights into my hour and a half workouts,” said Mathieu, who lost over 130 pounds.

Not only does she feel wonderful physically, Mathieu can now enjoy her life more fully. “For years I couldn’t even walk short distances. When we visited relatives in Leadville, Colorado I could hardly breathe due to how the high altitude affected my overweight body,” said Mathieu. “Now after my weight loss surgery, I’m more on the go and take long hikes during our trips to Colorado. I am now living a more fun and energetic life.”

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One on One with Dr. David Cohen

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reproductive doctor chicagoWe recently sat down with Dr. David Cohen, an expert in reproductive endocrinology and infertility on staff at the Silver Cross Center for Women’s Health. His primary focus is on fertility preservation for cancer patients—including fertility preservation for children and adolescents with cancer.

[Read Dr. Cohen’s Full Bio]

Q: When should a woman come to see you? Is there a certain age?

A: There is no specific age when someone “should” come. If you have been trying unsuccessfully for one year to get pregnant, or if you have any other concerns you should come see me. I also am able to help men with infertility.

Q: Is infertility common? Is there a way to prevent this? Read further

Routine Mammogram Detects Tennis Champ Navratilova’s Cancer

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Nine-time Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova is now fighting a non-invasive form of breast cancer known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which was detected thanks to a routine mammogram. Video below.

Navratilova’s cancer was detected and removed easily thanks to her mammography, which she admits in the video she had not been getting regularly, so she got lucky. If you’ve been putting off your mammogram, that’s understandable. Things come up and life happens. That’s why we provide a more comfortable and more efficient mammogram.

At the Center for Women’s Health you can make an appointment with ease, get in quickly for your mammogram and have the results that very same day. It’s an investment of a couple hours that could wind up saving years and years. Request an appointment for your mammogram today.

[Martina Navratilova in Breast Cancer Fight]

Silver Cross Named Top 100 Hospital for 6th Straight Year

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top 100 hospitalsOnly Illinois hospital to win the award every year for the last 6 years

For the sixth straight year, Silver Cross Hospital was named one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals by Thomson Reuters Healthcare, a leading provider of information and solutions to improve the cost and quality of healthcare.

The award recognizes hospitals that have achieved excellence in clinical outcomes, patient safety, patient satisfaction, financial performance and operational efficiency. Silver Cross is the only hospital in Illinois to win the award every year for the last 6 years.

According to Thomson Reuters Healthcare, only 5 hospitals in the nation have been recognized as a “100 Top Hospitals” winner for the last 6 consecutive years. And only 55 of the nation’s 5,000 hospitals have received the award six or more times.

Everest Award Winner

For the second year, Thomson Reuters also is recognizing the 100 Top Hospitals Everest Award winners — those hospitals among the 100 winners that delivered the greatest rate of improvement over a five-year period. Silver Cross is the only Illinois hospital to win the Everest Award both years.

“We are committed to carrying on our tradition of providing 100 Top Hospital care with a state-of-the-art replacement hospital opening in 2012,” said Paul Pawlak, President and CEO of Silver Cross Hospital. “Using evidence-based design, the new hospital is being built to help patients heal even faster.”

To see firsthand what makes Silver Cross so special, request an appointment at our Center for Women’s Health today. For more information about the 100 Top Hospital awards, visit