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New Device Treats Acid Reflux Leaving No Scars

[caption id="attachment_23753" align="alignright" width="300"] Dr. Kamran Ayub holds an endoscope that he uses when performing the TIF procedure. The procedure helps to manage acid reflux disease without making any incisions in the patient’s abdomen.[/caption] A new device at Silver Cross Hospital is helping patients with GERD...

Kurtz & Vana Families Give Transformation Gift for ER Expansion

[caption id="attachment_23748" align="alignright" width="300"] Paul Pawlak, President/CEO of Silver Cross Hospital; Marilyn Kutz; Tom Vana; and Michele Vana.[/caption] Local business leaders Marilyn Kurtz and Tom and Michele Vana recently invested in Silver Cross with a substantial undisclosed donation for the enhancement and expansion of emergency services...