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Behavioral Health

Silver Cross Campus cropped

Celebrating 5 Years in New Lenox

Five years ago, Silver Cross opened a state-of-the-art replacement hospital at I-355 and Route 6 in New Lenox on Feb. 26, 2012. Since then, Silver Cross has cared for more than 1.3 million patients while continuing to bring new services and enhanced expertise to the...

Diagnosing & Dealing with Depression

Depression is no mere slump in mood. Unlike “the blues,” which tends to clear up in a few days, depression frequently is both prolonged and recurring. It can’t be ignored, and it can’t be joked or whistled away. Sufferers of depression are likely to experience: Prolonged loss...


Dealing with substance abuse & mental disorder? Help is available.

[caption id="attachment_22574" align="alignright" width="225"] Pam Davis, MA, CADC, MISA-II, LPC[/caption] Substance abuse and mental health issues often go hand in hand. When these issues occur together, they are call co-occurring or dual diagnosis. Unfortunately, many treatment centers specialize in treating only one or the other, making...