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I Matter Benefit: 10% off cleanses and health coaching

I Matter Benefit: 10% off cleanses and health coaching

Sharon Dangles is a wellness coach and wants to help you live well and live life with passion by bringing out the very BEST in you. As a I Matter partner, Sharon’s Holistic Living offers a 10% discount to I Matter members on her programs:  either cleanse or individual health coaching. She also offers 25% off on essential oils when you join with a wholesale account for an entire year.   Plus, you will receive a FREE e-book with any purchase. This e-book informs you of where essential oils come from, how to use them, and what oils to use for certain ailments. Aromatherapy through essential oils can have a very powerful effect on your body; not only can the aromas be associated with memories, but your mood can also be altered.

How can YOU take advantge of these wonderful discounts from Sharon’s Holistic Living?  It’s as simple as signing up for the free Silver Cross I Matter program online.  Once you have joined I Matter, you will receive your membership card when you come to Silver Cross for your annual mammogram or cardiac screening.  You can use this card for valuable discounts with Sharon’s Holistic Living as well as with 70+ other local businesses.   Request a screening appointment online or call (815) 300-7076.  A physician’s order is required for all mammograms.  Don’t wait! Get healthy today!

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