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Tired of Leaking When You Cough or Sneeze? Take Back Control Of Your Life.

Tired of Leaking When You Cough or Sneeze? Take Back Control Of Your Life.


Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein, OB/GYN

Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein, OB/GYN

According to the National Association for Incontinence, nearly 30 million women in the United States suffer from over active bladder (OAB), defined as urinary urge incontinence (leaking) and urgency‐frequency (frequent urges to urinate).

With so many women suffering from this socially debilitating disorder, there must be many treatments that work available, right? Wrong. A study in the Journal of Managed Care Pharma, showed that 72 percent of patients prescribed oral medications to treat their over active bladder (OAB) symptoms stop taking them by six months, and that roughly 80 percent have stopped by 12 months due to little or no improvement.

Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein, a board-certified OB/GYN specializing in Urogynecology on staff at Silver Cross Hospital, has been treating women with OAB for over 20 years. “Many women have felt forced to make negative lifestyle changes, such as not exercising for fear of leakage, not attending social events or limiting travel due to the need for regular bathroom access,” explained Dr. Finkelstein. “Many women do not know there is a successful treatment option available.”

Dr. Finkelstein is one of only a few providers in the area offering a FDA approved therapy for OAB delivered by the InterStim® System. InterStim® is the first and only treatment option that targets the miscommunication between the bladder and the brain by stimulating the sacral nerves, which are located near the tailbone and help control bladder function.

scwithns_v3thAn implantable InterStim® System provides mild electrical stimulation to help correct this communication problem, which may otherwise cause leaks and frequent urges to urinate. After undergoing a successful trial, a pacemaker‐like device about the size of a stopwatch, called a neurostimulator, is placed with a lead (thin wire) under the skin in the upper buttock near the sacral nerves during a minimally invasive outpatient procedure at Silver Cross Hospital. The InterStim® System then delivers mild electrical stimulation to stimulate the sacral nerves, which helps the brain and nerves to communicate so the bladder and related muscles can function correctly. To date, more than 175,000 people have benefitted from the InterStim® System worldwide.

“Patients who come to see me are typically at the end of their rope, fed up with solutions that just didn’t work. It is so gratifying that with an outpatient procedure I can help patients take back control of their lives.”

For more information about Dr. Finkelstein and the InterStim therapy, visit or call (708) 425-1907 for an appointment.



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