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Nikki’s 90 lbs ‘flies the coop’ after Weight Loss Surgery

Nikki’s 90 lbs ‘flies the coop’ after Weight Loss Surgery

Nikki Lozano at her sister's wedding before weight loss surgery.

Nikki Lozano at her sister’s wedding before weight loss surgery.

Trying to have an active lifestyle became more challenging for 38 year-old Nikki Lozano who weighed 238 pounds. Whether she was playing with her young children or caring for her beloved chickens in her backyard, her stamina quickly diminished. But it was after seeing herself in her sister’s wedding photos that she decided to find help to lose weight. For 15 years, she had high blood pressure and her body would ache in pain due to the extra weight she carried. Since losing 90 pounds after having laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery on March 2, 2015 with BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital, Nikki encourages others to take control of their weight and see if weight loss surgery is an option for them.

Losing weight has allowed Nikki to be more agile whether running her kids to activities or chasing after her chickens. “Now after having weight loss surgery, I no longer take blood pressure medicine and my body aches are gone,” said Nikki. “I am a more confident person and I can do whatever I want to do because I’m no longer exhausted so quickly,” said the Ottawa resident.

Weight Loss Surgery Process

On a recommendation from her primary care physician, Nikki decided to attend BMI Surgery’s free informational session.  “After listening to Dr. Christopher Joyce’s  informative presentation, I understood that the program was only a tool to lose weight and the real success relied on me to make behavioral changes.

Patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, with the help of many different departments at Silver Cross. “Patients see an exercise physiologist, dietitian, cardiologist, psychologist, pulmonologist, and a bariatric nurse to get them ready for surgery,” says Dr. Christopher Joyce. “We screen our patients very carefully to ensure their success and safety.”

90 pounds gone after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery at Silver Cross Hospital.

90 pounds gone after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery at Silver Cross Hospital.

“Dr. Joyce’s personable demeanor made me feel so comfortable to ask him any questions. I’m forever grateful for the excellent care that I received from him, his staff and the attentive nurses at Silver Cross Hospital,” said Nikki.

“Nikki is an excellent example of how bariatric surgery can positively enhance one’s life. Her high-energy and commitment to following  the program by eating well and exercising was critical in her ability to lose 90 pounds,” says Dr. Joyce.

The American Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery defines the morbidly obese as those with a body mass of 35 or above with comorbidities, or for a normal height woman, being more than 100 pounds overweight. Patients with a BMI of 35 and higher, who are suffering the medical consequences of obesity, are often best treated with bariatric surgery as opposed to nonsurgical weight loss. Those who are morbidly obese are at a higher risk of mortality and such extreme obesity puts people at risk for life threatening disease, including heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

BMI Surgery has changed the lives of over 5,000 patients with life changing surgeries including laparoscopic gastric bypass, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, ReShape, and Lap-Band and REALIZE gastric band systems at Silver Cross Hospital. Board certified laparoscopic and bariatric surgeons Brian Lahmann, M.D., and Christopher Joyce, M.D., are dedicated to helping patients win their personal battles with obesity and enjoy healthier lives. Their office is located on the new Silver Cross Hospital campus at I-355 and Route 6 in New Lenox. BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital has been named a MBSAQIP accredited center – Comprehensive.  BMI Surgery is also a Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery.

To find out more about the bariatric surgery program at Silver Cross Hospital, attend a free informational session on both traditional and laparoscopic surgery on any Wednesday at 5:45 p.m. at BMI Surgery at 1890 Silver Cross Blvd., Suite 260, New Lenox.  Register to attend.

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