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Meet Neda Zelehovitis

Neda Zelehovitis, RN, Oncology Certified Nurse, Certified Breast Care Nurse

Neda Zelehovitis has a duel certification as an Oncology Certified Nurse and Certified Breast Care nurse. She serves as a liaison between the patient, doctors, and family. With over 22 years of oncology experience, she provides each patient with personal and compassionate assistance in navigating through the healthcare system, ensuring that patients make informed decisions. As a certified breast care nurse, Neda is responsible for assisting women who come to the Center for Women’s Health with their care including:

  • Providing pre and post procedural nursing care for patients having biopsies
  • Explaining what will happen during the procedure and why the physician may have ordered the test
  • Obtaining physician orders for follow up testing, if recommended by the radiologist
  • Serving as a liaison between the patient’s primary physician and the radiologist to obtain information about the patient’s course of care and to help guide the patient in making decisions about the next steps in her care process
  • Providing nursing assistance to the technologists during procedures
  • Serving as a resource to the patient who may require additional assistance, including co-facilitation of the monthly Breast Cancer Support Group

Neda provides patients with education about breast health screenings, treatments, and recovery; coordinates follow-up care and consistently maintains this support through the continuum of cancer care all the way to healing. Your well-being and health are priority to Neda, and she is committed to providing patients with peace of mind as they seek medical care.

To speak with Neda, call (815) 300-6364.