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Romeoville Mom Who Struggled to Conceive Down 160 Pounds Since Weight Loss Surgery

Romeoville Mom Who Struggled to Conceive Down 160 Pounds Since Weight Loss Surgery

When Jill Wojciechowski and her husband, Brian, decided to start a family, they couldn’t imagine the struggles that lay ahead of them.  Their circumstance required a fertility specialist and years of heartache before finally conceiving their now 7-year-old son, John.  The biggest hurdle they faced:  Jill’s health complications and her weight.

High blood pressure, asthma, and acid reflux were just a few of the issues Jill faced.  At 304 pounds, and after two prior attempts at weight-loss surgery where Jill admittedly “chickened out” at the last minute, they knew it was time.  “Brian and I fought so hard to have our son, John; I knew I could not check out now,” she explained. That’s when she set up an appointment with BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital and officially began  her incredible weight-loss journey.

Making the Decision

Every Wednesday, the BMI team hosts an informational group meeting called Obesity & Your Health for individuals considering weight-loss surgery.  BMI surgeon Dr. Christopher Joyce speaks to patients and family members directly to answer any and all questions.

Dr. Christopher Joyce

“BMI’s reputation meant everything to me,” Jill said. “They have a ‘fan following’ and their results speak for themselves.” Under the care of Dr. Joyce, Jill underwent the gastric bypass surgery in August 2016.  She remained in the hospital for two days after the procedure where she received kind and compassionate care from Silver Cross Hospital staff.  “The nurses at Silver Cross who were in charge of my after-care while still inpatient were wonderful; they were so knowledgeable about my procedure and knew exactly how to care for me.”

Sunshine after the Rain

Now, just over two years later, Jill has lost more than half her body weight. At 144 pounds, she has a new lease on life and couldn’t imagine what her life would be like if she hadn’t mustered the courage to commit to her health.  But the energetic wife and mother says this is not the easy way out. “This is definitely a lifestyle change, not a one-time fix all,” she explains. “You have to work hard at it.”

These days, Jill has more confidence, energy and is a lot more social.  “I maintain my good health by walking every single day, playing with my son John and keeping up with the nutritional class with BMI every three months. Jill says she follows  the ‘Bariatric Bible’ religiously, which offers daily eating and drinking guidelines.  She also relies on her  “support team, which includes my proud parents, my loving husband, Brian and my amazing co-workers.”

In November of 2017, Jill and her family fulfilled a longtime wish and ventured to Disney World in Florida.  “I had no fear of not being able to fit on the ride! It made John so happy that his mom could do this with him!”  When asked if she would go through this procedure all over again, Jill said emphatically, “I have no regrets!”

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