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Surgical Nurse Pain Free After Robotic Surgery

Surgical Nurse Pain Free After Robotic Surgery

Seneca woman suffering from endometriosis back to work two weeks after surgery

As an orthopedic surgical nurse, Heather Tesdal knows what it’s like to deal with pain. For years she was in constant pain due to endometriosis. She had a previous surgery to remove fibroid tumors in her uterus, but the pain was still there. Eventually, something needed to be done. Dr. Peter Vienne, gynecologic surgeon with the Midwest Institute of Robotic Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital, performed a robotic-assisted hysterectomy on Heather in May.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Vienne’s for years. He’s done my prior surgeries,” Heather, 42, said. “I was excited to have the surgery at Silver Cross because if I hadn’t gone there I wouldn’t have the option of having robotic surgery. So going to Silver Cross was definitely a blessing.”

Silver Cross and its team of highly skilled surgeons, perform more robotic assisted surgeries than any hospital in the Chicago area.  The robot allows for patients to have a faster recovery over traditional laparoscopic surgery and with virtually scarless results.

Heather, who lives in Seneca, said she had no issues with the three tiny incisions made during her surgery, and actually went shopping for flowers a couple of days later with one of her girlfriends. “It was a very simple recovery with minimal pain. You almost forget you had surgery.”

After years of pain and cysts, Heather said she knew eventually she had to have the surgery. “I was ready to have it done,” she said. “I wanted to have a comfortable quality of life again.”

She was able to return to work a couple of weeks after surgery doing some desk work and was able to resume her full duties as a surgical nurse about six weeks later.

“I loved everything about Silver Cross. From the first volunteer we met to the nurse who escorted us out to go home, everyone was great. They kept my husband and me very informed the whole time,” Heather said. “It’s definitely my choice for the future.”

She also said she loved having Dr. Vienne as her surgeon. “He’s the best. He’s not just about dealing with what your particular issue is, but he treats the whole person. I can’t say enough about him.”

“Heather was a great patient to work with. Her positive outlook really helped, and she’s able to have a great life pain free thanks to the robotic-assisted surgery,” Dr. Vienne said.

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