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Silver Cross 1st in Area to Use Wire-Free Savi Scout for Breast Biopsy

Silver Cross 1st in Area to Use Wire-Free Savi Scout for Breast Biopsy

One of the scariest moments of a woman’s life is being told she has a breast tumor.

Fortunately, the Center for Women’s Health at Silver Cross Hospital is well equipped to guide you through this stressful journey.

When a tumor is detected, you may need additional diagnostic imaging to pinpoint the exact location before it’s removed. Tests may include additional mammography images, breast ultrasound, or breast MRI before an ultrasound-guided or stereotactic biopsy is performed.

If your diagnosis is early-stage breast cancer, you may be eligible for breast-conserving therapy or lumpectomy, an alternative to mastectomy that removes the tumor and some surrounding tissue, while leaving as much normal breast tissue as possible. The goal is to preserve the natural breast while removing the cancer.

A new technology available at Silver Cross Hospital called Savi Scout is making lumpectomies easier for patients by decreasing time in the hospital and because it’s so precise, potentially reducing the amount of healthy breast tissue that’s removed.

No Wires Means Less Time in the Hospital

During lumpectomy, surgeons use wires to locate a tumor’s location in the breast. That requires a procedure known as wire localization. During a breast wire localization procedure, surgeons work with radiologists who insert a wire into the breast the morning of surgery.  This requires coordination of surgeons’ and radiologists’ schedules, and it requires the patient to arrive much earlier than the surgery, so the wire can be placed in the breast before surgery.   Added to that, the wire, while protected with a bandage, is on the outside of the breast until the time of the breast surgery.

“Undergoing a separate wire localization procedure the same day as the breast surgery can make a patient even more anxious,” explains Dr. Laura Ragauskaite, Medical Director of the Silver Cross Breast Center.

Dr. Laura Ragauskaite

This is where Savi Scout comes in. Instead of using a wire, it uses a small, 1cm reflector to help surgeons locate tumors. Best of all, the tiny reflector is smaller than a grain of rice and can be placed by a radiologist up to 30 days before breast surgery, which means no extra waiting the morning of surgery.

“The surgeon scans the breast using the SCOUT Guide to lock on to the reflector’s position,” Dr. Ragauskaite added. “When tumors are more accurately located and removed the first time, any additional treatments can occur faster.”

First in our Area to use Savi Scout

Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women, and surgery is the most common form of treatment.  In the Silver Cross Breast Center, patients can see a highly skilled surgeon, like Dr. Laura Ragauskaite, for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer abnormalities.

If it is determined that surgery is the best option, procedures are performed in Silver Cross’ state-of-the-art operating suites followed by a short stay in a spacious, private patient room; although some patients may go home the same day.

Silver Cross Hospital is the first hospital in our area to use the Savi Scout, a highly advanced form of treatment, to locate and remove breast tumors and abnormalities.


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